How long have you had your plant?

Five Weeks

When did the problem start?

Small spots were present a couple weeks after bringing it home, larger spots on the edge appeared in the last week

What are the symptoms of the problem?

Small, brown spots in the middle of a leaf, a couple larger, brown spots on its edge

How often do you water your plant?

I’ve tried to wait until the soil dried out in the top 2 inches, so I’ve watered twice in the five weeks I’ve had it

How much do you water?

First time I watered I used enough for water to drain out the bottom, second time I watered with 1-2 cups

What does your drainage look like?

Pot with single hole at bottom, with plant tray underneath

What soil are you using?

Houseplant soil

How often do you use fertilizer?

I’ve fertilized once

How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?

Sits in east facing window on 2nd floor apartment, outside tree partially obscures light however

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