Hi there!

I have had my fiddle for over 2 years now. It has been in the same window and has grown quite tall. I have been watering with your fiddle food since spring, once a week – 1.5 teaspoons food & 3 cups water. I use the plant moisture meter you recommended as well prior to feedings on Friday’s and only water if I get a reading that is 3 or lower.

It’s in the same pot it came in and I have a plastic water base under it just in case. It’s much too heavy to repot so I’ve avoided that.

My concern is that a section of the leaves appear to be more lime green/yellow in color with some brown crispy bits at the edges. There’s some nice dark green leaves with crispy edges as well but just a few. And there’s two leafs with some really dark spots that make me think of root rot. One section of the branches at the top are very dark in color too, unlike the other branch and trunk.

It very rarely drops leaves, maybe one every couple of  months.

Any idea?

Thank you,

Brenna Callahan blank blank blank blank blank blank