Hey there I got my fiddle(Ferdinand) from Home Depot about 3 months ago. I had him out on the porch for about a month before moving him indoors which I slowly moved him to his current location so he wouldn’t be shocked switching light so fast. When I first got him he had a few damaged spots that upon googling found out they were probably from him being bumped around at the store, the worst of which is the bottom leaf by the pot. However in the last month I have noticed one of the spots has turned a light tan and now there are brownish/gray spots appearing on the leaves and a couple that look like the top layer of the leaf has been scraped of. What can I do?! The base of the leaves look good and I don’t see any bugs. I water him about a cup once a week and he is in a room that get decent light. I thought about moving him closer to the window but it’s kind of chilly over there and outside really isn’t and option because its cold here in Georgia now. I thought about fertilizer but from what I have read its not the right time of year. Help! I want him to grow big and strong!