I’m posting to all the sites I can think of in a last ditch effort to save my beloved Lumpia, the FLF. A couple of weeks ago, I posted to Garden.org (see thread and post here) to see if they could help. Sure enough as Will C predicted, the problem has persisted!
There is a lot of detail on that post but below are the answer to the questions you ask. At this point, I want to know if I should take it out of its pot and try and salvage any root damage or just leave it be and hope it figures it out.  I know these plants don’t like to be disturbed and I’m kicking myself for ever letting the nursery repot it for me when I brought it home. What can be done now? Wait and see if its slow death miraculously stops? Or take it out of it’s pot and…I don’t know what I’d look for?
I watered it this evening but only because the soil was dry until 1-1 1/2″ from the top.  I was hoping I could try and save it myself but it’s only gotten worse. I contacted the nursery today, to see if they’d replace it but they said it’s been too long (3 months) since I got it.
  • How long have you had your plant?
    • Since February 1st 2020
  • When did the problem start?
    • From the very beginning. The nursery planted it in a succulent mix! I brought it back when it started dropping leaves and they repotted it. I’ve been told I’m overwatering but I disagree. I think it’s the stress of 2x repotting in the wrong soil.
  • What are the symptoms of the problem?
    • Leaves dropping, browning, falling off on their own
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  • How often do you water your plant?
    • When the soil is dry. Every 12-14 days I’d say.
  • How much do you water?
    • Just until the water starts to come out the bottom and catch in this plate. Maybe 1-1.5 L in this 10″ pot.
  • What does your drainage look like?
    • One single hole at the bottom of a porous pot (I think it’s concrete?). FLF is in a plant stand so it never sits in water.
  • What soil are you using?
    • Before, a cactus mix thanks to the nursery for potting it wrong! Now, a regular potting soil but I’m not positive because they replanted it for me.
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  • How often do you fertilizer?
    • I’ve fertilized with the spike pellets following manufacturers recommendations once or twice since February 2020
  • How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home
    • It’s next a west facing window. Gets good afternoon night. I put it there because my other FLF thrives there