These plants have a few issues that need resolving. I inherited them from someone else.

First, there are two plants in one pot, and I plan to separate them tomorrow into two different pots that have drainage holes (the current pot doesn’t drain). Will also add some new potting soil and fertilize (which hasn’t been done in a long time – just inconsistent watering). It looks pretty dry – I assume – because of the droopy leaves. Would you suggest any changes to that plan/diagnosis? 🙂

Then – is it too late to try notching these plants to get them to grow more branches? They’re so tall and top heavy – and I’d like for them to fill out a bit more, more tree-like form. If it’s ok to do, any guidance on how far down or up the plant to start? They’re about 7′ tall now – not including the pot/roots.

Finally – is it too hard on the plant to do this all at once? Re-potting, splitting the two apart, fertilizing and notching? What order would you recommend?