Hi Claire!

Loved your webinar and thought i should ask you for your help with my sick fig.

I recently got her about 2-3 weeks ago. Since I was pretty novice coming into this, not going to lie, I probably overwatered her a bit too much.

After about a week, her leaves started turning brown in spots and drying out on the edges. Once I did a bit more reading, I learned about the watering and lighting, I ordered a meter and haven’t watered since as it’s been showing very moist. Additionally, I realized she may not have had enough light so I moved her outside for a couple of days, but then realized and read that the direct light wasn’t good for her. Since then, I moved her between indoors and bright shaded area to get nice indirect sun in hopes of drying out the soil. The leaves are still suffering and I have tried trimming the bad looking ones off when I can in hopes that I can focus her energy on the good leaves.

For a while my meter only read moist and was in the blue section, but tonight is the first time it hit number 4 and I was able to move it and get it again somewhere else. Though I can always find a moist spot in the pot :-/

Also – I’m using nice soil I bought from a nursery.

At this point, I’m not sure if it’s shock, root rot, bacteria, sunburn, or everything haha.

I have attached photos for you to check out. Please help save her.

Thank you!!!!!!!