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New branches at bottom / encouraging top growth

New FLF owner here! I bought it two months ago from Home Depot. It lost about 2 or 3 leaves already. I was watering about once a week and now I bought a meter to check moisture, which still says it’s wet after two weeks, so I’m slowing down the watering. There are holes on the bottom of the pot.

After repotting my FLF two weeks ago, two branches at the very bottom started growing. One about 1 inch above the soil and the other 3 inches above. Each branch is growing 3-4 leaves. Is this normal? I thought branches are supposed to grow at the top.

The leaves also seem to have some cracks and damage along some of the veins or lines (cake that way when I bought it), with minor browning around them. Not terrible though. I can’t tell if it is not enough direct sun, too much water, or simply damage. It’s currently in a southeast facing room about 8 ft from the window. Lots of natural light but not super close to the window. It does seem happier when I bought it however, especially given the new growth (and no lost leaves since new branches sprouted).

I was wondering what I can do to encourage growth at the top of the plant to keep it more tree like, and the middle to make it fill out more. Should I prune the two new branches at the bottom or let them be? Should I cut a small part off the very top? Cuts along the stem in the middle of the plant?

Any general tips welcome! Thanks!




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