My 7 feet tall fiddle leaf (Harry the Potter) is not doing so well. I got him about two months ago, at first he did very well, but the past month, not very much so. I lose on average about 5-6 leaves a week, today alone I lost 5. I used to water him every week (as much water as needed until water start coming out at the bottom). I see brown spots and was worried I watered him too much so I cut off water to only once every other week and only about 3 cups of water each time. The top two inches are usually dry but using the moisture meter, I get about a 6 or 7 at the middle to bottom. I took the plant off the pot and everything seems OK (no standing wet spot) I get brown spots from the edges in but also it looks like from inside spreading out. My plant lives inside with several windows close by. Any advice is greatly appreciated.