Hi there, was hoping for some help. I’ve had this fiddle leaf fig for about two months, my first of this size. I potted it in an organic potting mix with a large amount of perlite. It’s in a terracotta pot, the diameter of which is about 1in larger than the nursery pot. I water once a week about 2 cups of water. It is summer in New England where I’m located so it is very hot and humid. My fig is located right next to an East facing large window. I was having great success for my first month and a half, and saw new growth. About a week ago, my gigs leaves started turning brown and yellow and began to fall rapidly. I’ve lost at least 10 leaves at this point and there appears to be more inevitable loss in the future. I do have a few fungus gnats which I have been treating with neem oil. Any help would be so appreciated. I also apologize for how terrible my room looks. We are redoing the room at the moment. Thanks for any advice.