I’m a plant lover, but am fairly new to being a plant mom. I have a question that I’m having trouble finding a solid answer to on the web about my fiddle lead fig. I’m hoping you might be able and willing to offer advice!

I received a cutting of a neighbor’s fiddle lead fig late in 2017. It had about four leaves and grew its root system in water before we potted it in December 2017. Our Figgy has been actively growing since and is now a strong 5 ft tall! However, he is all on one stem, and not super bushy. My research tells me that at some point we should cut him in hopes that he splits into multiple branches and starts to form a more tree-like shape, however I was told by a worker at my neighborhood garden center that he was likely too young to prune just yet.

Do you have any advice, thoughts, ideas? Is 1 1/2 yrs still too young for my plant? Any help is welcome!

Thank you,