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Tree doctor please


Failure to thrive.  Tree lost 15+ leaves going into winter until I bought a grow light.  Coming into summer it has lost 2, all of the leaves look yellowish.  It has made no attempt to grow new leaves.

The yellowing starts from the veins

#Potting & purchase history

Purchased last summer from local indoor plant shop.  Still in 12 inch pot and soil it came in.  The soil has very good drainage, it looks like coco coir and bark mix.


I use a water meter fully inserted into the pot, I don’t water unless it’s between 0-1.  Lately I’ve been watering more liberally but never if the first two inches of soil are still damp.  I water in place until the water leaks into the drainage tray.

Soil and drainage tray, the white is diatomaceous earth


BIG east facing window, partial direct in the AM, indirect in the PM, supplemental Soltech vita grow light for dark times. Has always been in this spot, rotate probably not enough.

Trees eye view


I added a slow release FLF feed to the soil at the beginning of summer.  In the past I occasionally watered with generic miracle grow water mix in feet.

It has a lot of friends

Why are the leaves so yellow?  Can I jumpstart new leaf growth? I assume the yellowing leaves are goners 🙁



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    Thank you for your question. Yellowing leaves can have numerous causes, and usually indicate that your plant is lacking in some essential nutrients - either through lack of sunlight or lack of fertilizer. I would recommend checking out our articles on yellowing here to learn more:

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    It sounds like your plant was not receiving enough sunlight up until recently, when you began supplementing with a grow light. From the photos, it doesn't look like your plant is in the best spot to receive consistent natural light throughout the day. Is there somewhere else in your home you move it to? Maybe a south-facing window? Besides that, definitely keep using the grow light. Plant growth will only occur once your plant is very happy and healthy, and getting everything it needs. When it is lacking in sunlight, all of its energy will go towards preserving the existing plant and not towards pushing out new growth. You can learn more about stunted growth here:

    How to Fix Fiddle Leaf Fig Stunted Growth

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