I currently have two Fiddle Leaf Figs. The first one I purchased from a local plant shop in July, and it seemed to do well throughout the summer, and declined as we got into fall. This plant was super healthy and had large, green leaves when I got it. I started noticing black spots starting at the tips of the lower leaves (pictured below), and they began to fall off. I would water the FLF when it’s leaves started to get slightly droopy, and never more than about 2 cups or so at a time. It seemed like the plant sucked up water quickly, but then it still had problems with it’s leaves. We went out of town for a week during Thanksgiving, and when we came back, the plant was extremely droopy and sad, despite watering it right before we left. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it proceeded to drop the rest of its leaves after they became a really dark brown color and very crispy (pictured below). There is still one tiny baby leaf hanging on but it doesn’t look good. I cut off some of the trunk/stalk deal after all of the top leaves fell off because it was pretty mushy… not sure if this was due to bacteria/fungus? All signs kind of point to overwatering but I really didn’t even give it that much I feel like. The plant was about 2 feet away from, but in front of, an east-facing window with great indirect sunlight.

A few weeks ago I received another FLF for Christmas, this time a “Little Fiddle” (the leaves are smaller than a traditional FLF, but same plant species?). This plant is more of a tree with a hearty, woody stalk/trunk, and many beautiful leaves. It was purchased from a reputable local greenhouse. When we got it home it had some brown crispiness on a couple of the lowest leaves (first photo below), but otherwise looked beautiful! It was pretty wet when we brought it home from the greenhouse, so I have yet to water it but have been misting the leaves daily with plain water. It did well for the first week or so, but in the second week I started noticing some new browning of the leaves–this time not crispy, just like a faint browning towards the ribs of the leaf (pictured below)–and a few had dropped. This past week, I had a leaf dropping each day, it seemed. They are all dropping from the lower part of the tree. I have this Fiddle placed between the east and south-facing windows in a corner of my kitchen, which I thought would be a nice, bright spot for it… on Sunday, I moved it over a bit to see if I could get it some more direct sunlight, and pretty much right way noticed a bunch of spider mites dropping from the leaves on baby webs. I immediately drenched the Fiddle down with a homemade mite spray (8 oz. water, 2 oz. apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. baking soda, and 1 tsp. dish soap). For the rest of the weekend, the leaves looked GREAT- very deep green and shiny. But now it’s back to dropping leaves. Not sure what the issue is with this second one but I really would like to solve the problem, or be able to return the plant within the 30 day window.


Thanks for any help you can provide! Cheers!