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Water Absorption Problem

I have had my fig for about 4 years.  I didn’t realize naming was so important until I watched your video, so today she was named JoJo.   I bought JoJo from an independent indoor plant specialist (not from a retailer).  Jojo has remained in the plastic container that it came it and I just discovered that container does not have any drainage holes.  I have never fertilized her (because I didn’t know I should until I watched your video today).

The plant has a water reservoir.  When the indicator disappeared in the reservoir, I would add water to the reservoir.  A few months ago I bought a moisture meter.  I began using the moisture meter to determine whether to add water.  For the last 8-10 weeks, the meter has indicated the moisture at 10+ so I haven’t added water.  It seems strange to me that it’s been that long without water when I was previously watering it every 1-2 weeks.  During this time frame 2-3 leaves turned completely yellow and dropped.

It doesn’t appear to have root rot but I learned today that it may need a bit more sun. So, today, I put JoJo outside to give her direct sun and a chance to dry up the soil.   I have no idea what I should do…water?  don’t water? re-pot?

blank blank blank blank

Looking for any guidance that helps me be a good caretaker of JoJo!






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    This is a great example of a compacted root ball and soil that has likely pulled back from the container so the water is just running around the root ball. We call it erratic watering sometimes. I would repot and fully soak the root ball to loosen it up. When you water in the future, make sure it's soaking in fully.


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