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Edema on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves - Featured Image

Edema on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Red Spots Edema in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center

One of the most common questions we get in our Fiddle Leaf Fig Facebook Community is about edema.

New growth that has tiny brown or red spots can be very distressing. When new leaves are speckled with small brown or red pockmarks, this is what is known as edema (odema).

How to Diagnose Edema

Edema is the abnormal retention of water in the cells of the plant which burst and cause the tiny red spots. When too much water is inside the cells of your new growth, edema happens. If you are wondering if your new growth is suffering from edema, consider these points:

  • Edema is only on new growth.
  • Small spots that are 1-3 mm and are red or brown in color.
  • Spots do not spread or get bigger.
  • Edema does not leave holes.

Edema Case Study

Why Your Fiddle Leaf Fig has Red Spots on the Leaves| Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center

Rule Out Other Fiddle Leaf Fig New Growth Problems

Sometimes, your fiddle leaf fig leaves will have spots that you might think are caused by edema, but they are because of different issues.

Rust of Fungus

Having a rust or fungus on your leaves will be more of an all-over color, and not spotted like edema. Rust will rub off the leaves as well.


Sunburn on fiddle leaf fig leaves. Edema on fiddle leaf fig leaves.

Fiddle leaf fig plants that are not used to direct sunlight can easily burn. It’s important to remember to acclimate your plant to direct sun. Sunburned leaves will not repair themselves, unfortunately.


Spider mites on fiddle leaf fig leaves. Edema on fiddle leaf fig leaves.

Some insect infestations can leave small spots on your leaves, but are most likely accompanied by other signs, like webbing. Make sure to inspect your fiddle leaf fig leaves for insects. (We recommend using Houseplant Leaf Armor to protect against insects as well as bacteria and fungus.)

What are these RED SPOTS on my Fiddle Leaf Fig??

How to Prevent Edema in Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

If you suspect your plant has edema, do not stress too much. Edema spots will disappear as the leaves grow out. Join us in the Fiddle Leaf Fig Facebook Group to chat more about your fiddle leaf fig!

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