Perhaps the most common problem we see is root rot in fiddle leaf fig trees. Root rot is caused by too much water, not enough drainage, and made worse by lack of sunlight. In this exclusive video, Meg Miller describes how she identified and quickly treated root rot as the culprit attacking the leaves of her four prized fiddle leaf fig trees. Watch the short video to learn how to diagnose, treat, and then decisively prevent the ficus lyrata’s most common and deadly sickness.

If your fiddle leaf fig still needs help or you would like to protect it in the future, we’ve spent over a year creating a treatment to protect your plant from root rot infections. Our root rot treatment is a natural plant bio-stimulator, enhancing your plant’s existing immune response and promoting growth.

It was designed with input from microbiologists, fiddle leaf fig growers, and botanists. It provides protection against the common Pythium, Pphytophthora, and pseudo-fungi that cause root rot in fiddle leaf figs. It’s gentle and safe for your plant, designed to be used every time you water, along with fiddle leaf fig plant food. Get yours today on Amazon.


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