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Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource Center created our own fiddle leaf fig basket, specifically designed to complement your fiddle leaf fig with style and functionality.

The Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig Basket for Your Space

Is there anything more beautiful than a fiddle leaf fig tree in a gorgeous seagrass belly basket? Not to me, there isn’t! In fact, a fiddle leaf fig basket can add a nice touch of class and elegance to your space, no matter your decorating style.

I love displaying my fiddle leaf fig trees in seagrass belly baskets, and here at Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource Center, we love them so much that we created our own baskets, specifically designed to complement your fiddle leaf fig for the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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Here’s everything you need to know about these top-quality baskets.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource Center created our own fiddle leaf fig basket, specifically designed to complement your fiddle leaf fig with style and functionality.
Small and Large Seagrass Belly Baskets

The Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig Basket 

Gorgeous and Functional Fiddle Leaf Fig Basket

My favorite thing about belly baskets is that they hide ugly planter’s pots and those ultra-functional planters that work well but just don’t look good. After all, we keep houseplants for their beauty, so their planters shouldn’t be eyesores!

To use a basket with a planter, simply place the entire planter and drainage tray inside the belly basket and voilà! You’ve got yourself an attractive fiddle leaf fig setup that works with your decor. 

I love these natural materials that show off the natural beauty of my fiddles. Sometimes I even use these baskets as stylish alternatives to laundry hampers or to store blankets or other household goods. You can’t beat baskets for versatility and elegance!

Sustainably Sourced Materials

Each fiddle leaf fig basket utilizes responsibly sourced materials and is handwoven using traditional South Asian techniques.

These baskets are made from seagrass gathered from trees in North Vietnam, which is then dried in the sun for 20-30 days before artisans hand-weave them into sturdy, high-quality baskets that are each one of a kind. 

No two baskets are completely alike! 

We select only the best baskets for our shop to ensure that you’ll get a top-notch, long-lasting vessel for your beautiful fiddle leaf fig.

You can feel good knowing that your basket is not only good for the planet, but supports women and their families in Vietnam.

Sizes to Accommodate Every Fiddle

Whether you have a bambino, baby fiddle, or a fully fledged tree, our large and small baskets can accommodate most planters.

Our small belly basket measures 30 cm deep x 25 cm high (or roughly 12 x 10 inches) and our large basket measures 45 cm deep x 35 cm high (or about 18 x 14 inches). 

While I’m partial to fiddles, I also love to display my snake pants, peace lilies, and other indoor trees in these baskets as well for an understated, cohesive look that ties the whole room together.

Houseplant Accessories Should Look Good!

Most of us grow fiddles because they’re beautiful. So why not cultivate a collection of beautiful accessories as well?

Check out my favorite fiddle leaf fig and houseplant care supplies that help me keep my fiddles healthy and my home beautiful! Choose from any of the products below:

Trellis set

Pruning shears

Plant stand

Watering can

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