Just Released: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is Available Now! (Buy Now)

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We are thrilled to announce that our book, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, is finally available on Amazon now in full-color paperback or on Kindle! The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is an easy-to-understand guide for growing healthy and happy ficus lyrata plants. The book includes actionable information to improve the [...]

The Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation Success Story (With Photos)

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Jackye Carroll of Pass Christian, Mississippi, has loved fiddle leaf fig plants for most of her life. She was one of the first people to embrace a fiddle leaf fig tree when she bought her original plant for her first apartment in 1970. She adored it for 35 years, until [...]

Register Now for Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care 101 (Webinar)

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Join us for an exclusive webinar to learn everything about taking care of your fiddle leaf fig plant! In this 30 minute presentation, we'll review care tips, tricks, and answer your questions. We'll discuss: The Benefits of Your Plant Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101 The 10 Commandments of [...]

Preparing to Propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant (With Pictures)

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If you've decided you'd like to propagate a fiddle leaf fig plant, there's no time like the present. The best time to propagate your plant is in the spring when your plant is naturally growing and there's plenty of light available. But to ensure a successful outcome and a smooth [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation in 6 Easy Steps

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If you're a fiddle leaf fig aficionado trying to grow your herd, you may start to consider fiddle leaf fig propagation. Why would you want to propagate your plant? So that you can grow many plants from one original plant. This saves you money and allows you to clone your [...]