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Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Reviews

This Plant Food is Amazing!

WOW!!! This plant food is amazing! I used it on a Fiddleleaf fig that I thought was pretty much dead due to over watering by a well meaning granddaughter while I was on vacation. It had been dormant for 7 months with no growth and was looking pretty sad. I was about ready to give up on it when in early June I saw a tiny hint of green that looked like a new leaf trying to grow so I got online to see what I could do for it. I stumbled across this plant food specially created for Fiddleleaf figs so I thought I would give it a try. Check out my picture for the results – this before and after picture is only 10 days apart! The new leaf came out and there is already another one starting. I am thrilled to have my Fiddleleaf fig back!! This plant food is worth every penny!! Read more now.

Gaining Leaves and Still Growing Strong!

My fiddle leaf fig tree is loving this fertilizer, she’s gained at least twenty leaves since I started using it and she’s maintaining a happy, healthy life. I would highly recommend. Read more now.

Another user shares, my leaves tripled in size after I started using it.

This Plant Food Definitely Helped My Fiddle Leaf Fig

Convenient and Easy to Use



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