Where to Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Online (Verified Growers)

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There are so many people who ask us where to buy a fiddle leaf fig plant online, but they have concerns about the quality of the plant and how it will survive shipping. Several horror stories exist online about plants dead on arrival and sellers vanishing into the night. At [...]

The Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Starter Kit (Buy Now)

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Are you ready to take the plunge and get started with a fiddle leaf fig plant in your home? Are you unsure about what exactly you need to begin this journey as a fiddle leaf fig plant owner? Have no fear! We've put together a fiddle leaf fig starter kit [...]

The Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation Success Story (With Photos)

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Jackye Carroll of Pass Christian, Mississippi, has loved fiddle leaf fig plants for most of her life. She was one of the first people to embrace a fiddle leaf fig tree when she bought her original plant for her first apartment in 1970. She adored it for 35 years, until [...]

Choosing the Best Soil for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The soil you choose may be one of the most important decisions you make for the health of your plant. Fast-draining, well-aerated soils are the best choices for a fiddle leaf fig, which prefers relatively dry soil to keep its roots moist but not wet. Poor soil can cause problems [...]

What Causes Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves? (And How to Treat Them Quickly)

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Brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves can be frustrating and confusing. It's disheartening to see brown spots spoiling the beautiful large green leaves of your ficus lyrata. What's worse, brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves can be difficult to treat if you don't know what is causing them. [...]

Download Your Free Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Cheat Sheet (PDF)

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If you're confused about exactly how to care for your fiddle leaf fig plant, you've come to the right place. Many fiddle leaf fig plant owners worry about their plants getting the proper sunlight, water, and fertilizer. It can be overwhelming to care for a new plant and if your [...]

How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Dry and Over-Watered Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

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The two most common problems for fiddle leaf fig plants are ironically the opposite of each other: too much water and too little water. But what's worse is that it's actually tough to tell which is which. Over-watering leads to root rot, a fungal condition that kills the plant's roots [...]

Try Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Now Only $14.49

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I spend a lot of time worrying about my plants. I have 25 precious house plants that I feed and water every Friday morning. They're more than plants, they're members of our family, greeting and impressing our guests and keeping our air clean. But when I was troubleshooting my half [...]

Preparing to Propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant (With Pictures)

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If you've decided you'd like to propagate a fiddle leaf fig plant, there's no time like the present. The best time to propagate your plant is in the spring when your plant is naturally growing and there's plenty of light available. But to ensure a successful outcome and a smooth [...]

How to Use a Moisture Meter to Know When to Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Using a moisture meter to know when to water your fiddle leaf fig plant can save you a lot of headaches and keep your plant healthy. The biggest problems with fiddle leaf fig plants are too much or too little water. If you're a fiddle leaf fig owner, you've [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation in 6 Easy Steps

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If you're a fiddle leaf fig aficionado trying to grow your herd, you may start to consider fiddle leaf fig propagation. Why would you want to propagate your plant? So that you can grow many plants from one original plant. This saves you money and allows you to clone your [...]

The Tallest Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in the World?

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Whenever people tell me that fiddle leaf fig trees are hard to grow, I remind them that ficus lyrata trees often grow over 40 feet tall in the wild. Of course, in the wild they have the perfect environment: plenty of sunshine, constant access to nutrients, and perfect drainage. If [...]

3 Simple Secrets to a Healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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It's not that fiddle leaf fig trees are hard to keep healthy, it's more that many fiddle leaf fig tree owners are houseplant beginners. They don't have the confidence of a houseplant veteran and they may second-guess their decisions when caring for their new plant. Novices may water their tree [...]

How Often Should You Fertilize a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

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Fiddle leaf fig plants need fertilizer for proper growth because their leaves are large and dense. One common mistake people is neglecting to fertilize a fiddle leaf fig plant. This will result in slow growth and poor overall health for your plant. Unlike plants growing outdoors in the wild, where nutrients [...]

6 Ways to Tell if Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Is Healthy (…And What to Do if Your Plant Is Sick)

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Brown spots. Dropping leaves. Slow growth. There are a few common ailments that can sicken or kill your prize fiddle leaf fig tree. The good news is that most of these problems are easily cured if you know what to look for. Here are 6 ways to tell if your [...]

Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Online Now

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During the growing season (spring and summer) your plant will put a lot of resources towards growing new branches and leaves. To support a healthy plant, you will need to provide proper nutrition with fiddle leaf fig plant food. What does a healthy plant need? In order to efficiently perform [...]

The Ultimate Watering Guide

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Watering your houseplants can be overwhelming. You've probably heard that fiddle leaf figs are hard to grow or finicky, which in large part is due to their specific watering requirements. If you water your plant too much (which is pretty common), you will kill it. If you don't water enough, [...]

What Is the Best Fertilizer for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

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If you're like me, you love your fiddle leaf fig plant and want to give it everything it needs to grow. That means the right amount of sunlight, just enough water, and the best fertilizer for a fiddle leaf fig plant. Fiddle leaf figs thrive with the right type of [...]